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Thermotxt ®

  • Remote power control by temperature
  • Instant temperature and power outage alerts using the GSM network

NOTE: Please note that Thermotxt has been now been discontinued, all Thermotxt features are now included in the Powertxt product, please see Powertxt here. (If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us).

What is Thermotxt ®?

Thermotxt is a remote temperature control plug that uses the GSM network, allowing users to control any device remotely by temperature (user defined temperature thresholds) and it also sends an instant power outage alert (and power restore alert). Thermotxt is a completely wireless M2M device, it only requires power.

Why use Thermotxt ®?

Thermotxt is an easy simple and low cost way to get instant temperature alerts, instant power loss alerts and also control devices remotely by temperature.

Thermotxt fully controls any device by temperature so it will turn the connected device on/off automatically depending on the temperature thresholds set (all temperature thresholds can be configured by the user). It features user programmable alerts/alarms that can be configured to generate an alert if a certain condition is met. Thermotxt does not require any installation or complicated programming, it has many features but the control and responses have been kept simple so it can used by technical people and non-technical people alike.


Thermotxt can be connected to a heater and when the temperature drops too low it will automatically turn the heater on, then, when the temperature in the room increases Thermotxt will automatically turn the heater off (according to the user defined temperature range).

Single Device and Multiple Devices/Locations

Thermotxt can be used to monitor/control a device in a single location or expanded to monitor/control hundreds of locations for larger projects with our dedicated software ‘EstateView’.

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