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Welcome to Tekview, the only provider of an enterprise alternative to IP remote power solutions using our unique ‘out of band’ GSM SMS only remote power sockets.

Since 2011 we have had huge success in our unique product, Powertxt, which provides a simple, safe, non-IP remote power solution that allows easy ‘Hard Reboots’ and real-time ‘power outage’ alerts. If any IP power solution loses its internet connection it can no longer provide the reboot option, Powertxt does not connect to the internet.

By using the tried and tested GSM network with low-cost SMS/text communications, we allow you to get to devices 24/7/365 when other technologies can’t. With over 350,000 units in the field in the UK, Europe and the US, we can truly say our simple but effective technology is ‘tried & tested’.

Tekview has been in business for over 13 years, growing from providing one power product, to several remote power options for different applications. Our products have evolved in appearance over the years (reducing in size) and with newer modules as the 2G / 3G / 4G networks change around the world.

Most clients find the ROI is recovered after the first saved engineering visit. Several case studies are available on request from our customers in ATM and Parking Management industries, these companies have improved their support services, and maintained customer SLA’s using our solutions.

Many of us remember the hit TV show ‘The IT Crowd’ with the classic line ‘ have you tried turning it off and back on again’. It was very funny but also very true, as over 70% of IT hardware issues can be solved with a ‘Hard Reboot’ when a soft reboot doesn’t fix the issue.

Following a meeting with the UK’s largest Telecom company, they explained that 21% of all their help desk issues were ‘power’ related, with some clients contracted to 2 hour SLA’s. When you have very stringent SLA’s any wasted time can not only be very expensive, but also potentially cost your business support contract renewals. Powertxt will send a power loss SMS in seconds so you know in real time if there is a site power issue and you can rule that out, if you don’t get a power loss alert you know it’s a comms issue and the SLA has kicked in with the clock ticking, reducing your time trying to understand the problem.

Even before CV19 saving engineering visits made total business sense, but now with the huge increases in labour/energy/fuel costs, it has made this even more compelling. We know many of our clients have not replaced some engineers when they left, as Powertxt provided that ‘Hard Reboot’ solution to save a site visit.

We have seen a huge growth in Wi-Fi/Digital Signage/CCTV/ANPR/Financial Solution customers due to our unique solutions.

In 2017 following larger projects we developed our own cloud based portal, EstateView, so our customers could control large numbers of Powertxt devices easily. EstateView is a centralisedmanagement system, it allows multiple user access to control all Powertxt devices across your estate, from 1 or 10,000+ devices.

For more information on any of our solutions and prices please call +44 203 176 3094 OR email us info@tekview-solutions.com

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