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Powertxt USA 4G

Every country in the world has different policies on GSM and what networks they operate and the USA is no different. For many years the US had two different systems GSM like we do but also CDMA which was device based whereas GSM is sim based. For many years manufacturers had to make 2 different solutions with AT&T & T-Mobile offering GSM and Verizon & Sprint offering 3G CDMA.

However with the advent of 4/5G we are all now using similar networks but the US has different 'GSM Bands' to Europe and the far East so products have different GSM modules inside so A for America E for EMEA and J for Japan and Australia.

So unlike household items you travel with such as an iron or hair dryer where you only require a power adaptor to use in the US, most GSM products (except smart phones) won't We work as the GSM module is not compatible.

We have always believed our technology is even more suited for the USA as in the UK sending an engineer from Birmingham to London is a 4 hour round trip and in many cases just do a hard reboot. However in the US a trip from LA to San Francisco is a 16 hour round trip so the expense and response time is far greater. In addition the huge geography and different time zones in the US means the working day is extended by 5-6 hours so the need to find cost effective remote solutions is even more important.

So you either have to hire more engineers or invest wisely in simple safe remote power solutions like Powertxt US4G

We have a US sim partner already and will be looking to find partners to hold stock but in the meantime we can continue to supply from UK and get sims delivered from US.

We also know that power outages are far more common in the US so having instant power outage texts will be even more invaluable as sending an engineer to carry out a hard reboot is expensive but sending an engineer to find out the power is out is even more frustrating and expensive.

Please email or call us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.