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What is EstateView?

EstateView is a cloud based management tool for Powertxt & Powertxt Duo devices. Powertxt and Powertxt Duo devices can be controlled in two ways, 1) using a mobile/cell phone or 2) using EstateView. For a small number of Powertxt/Powertxt Duo devices these can be easily controlled by mobile/cell phone but for larger numbers we developed a dedicated management tool called EstateView, EstateView still works in exactly the same way as if you were using a mobile/cell phone, it sends outbound text messages from EstateView to your Powertxt/Powertxt Duo devices and the devices send text messages back into EstateView. An unlimited number of devices can be controlled and it can be accessed online from anywhere.

EstateView is not software so there are no installation or maintenance costs, it is purely an online cloud based portal that can be accessed from anywhere.

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How does it work?

EstateView controls all Powertxt/Powertxt Duo units from one central system, the control commands are embedded in EstateView so you can turn equipment on/off and reboot your equipment remotely (each unit can be controlled individually or many simultaneously). You can group devices and as well as the standard fields for the device’s individual information there are also 4 custom fields for any additional information relevant to your business.

EstateView has two levels of control a ‘Power User’ and a ‘Standard User’, a Power User can control and manage the devices and a standard user has read-only access to the information. Powertxt & Powertxt Duo both send power loss & power restore alerts and when these are received into EstateView it automatically forwards these are email alerts to the main power user.

The EstateView interface is simple and very user friendly, there is a navigation bar on the left-hand side and every page is accessed easily through the navigation bar.

Can I test EstateView?

Of course! You will need a Powertxt or Powertxt Duo device to test EstateView, if you currently use our devices we can organise this straight away and if you don’t currently have any Tekview devices then we can send you more information by email or we can arrange to ship a test unit and then set up a login for you.

Is there a cost for EstateView?

Yes, there is a small monthly cost for EstateView. This cost covers the line rental, outbound text messages (10 SMS’s per device per month, aggregated across your estate), hosting and general support. Please contact us for pricing.

Is EstateView software? Do I need to install it?

No! EstateView is not software so there is no installation or maintenance required and there are no licence fees to pay. It is a cloud based system hosted on remote servers so you can access it from anywhere 24/7/365. EstateView can be accessed on your desktop, tablet or phone. If your business has any questions on security or hosting information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What our customers say …

Tekview have been supplying quality B2B remote rebooting solutions since 2011. Below are just some of our customers currently using our remote power control products;

JC Decaux, Clear Channel, Amazon Smart Lockers, Welsh Water, National Grid, Virgin Media, Celador, Greater Manchester NHS Trust and many more.

"Powertxt and EstateView have dramatically improved the ability to monitor our remote sites. Many of which make other forms of out of band access uneconomical. The ability to switch off power remotely means that our engineers can test UPS systems during scheduled maintenance periods at night minimising any disruption to customers." Senior Network Engineer, Broadband Provider

"There is little doubt that Powertxt has delivered a clear improvement to our operations by clearing faulty and restoring power to our ATMs. Rebooting our ATMs clears 50% of faults and our ROI is one successful reboot per device so this can be as little as a few weeks, days or even hours. Powertxt has made the task of resetting effortless" National Engineering Manager, Large ATM Operator