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Fastest Power Outage Alerts 🚨 in the West (& East)

Do you remember the number of Cowboy films where one gunslinger like Billy the Kid or Jesse James claimed to be the fastest gun in the West.

Well, here at Tekview we make our claim that Powertxt will tell you about a power outage (cut) in literally seconds, way faster than any sophisticated Building Management Software ( BMS) or IP based solution.

Knowing you have a power problem in any remote location is always vitally important but it’s even better if you know before your customer tells you when SLA’s are in place. All you need is one Powertxt on each ring main and you will be alerted in seconds, power has been lost and again once it is restored. In any remote location even with the latest up to date hardware and connectivity it can often take a considerable time to establish if the issue is 'comms related' or a 'power' issue but not with our solutions.

If no power outage text isn't received to your phone or Estateview (our online portal) you know its a comms problem and your SLA clock is ticking. However if you do receive the 'mains power lost' text message as below then no point to send an expensive engineer to site as he can't do anything. We know from our numerous customers how vital this is to their support functions in giving their clients the best service they can but also eliminating service visits that are outside your control. Most remote kit is located on your clients premises or a motorway service station where you have no control over the buildings mains power.

So you not only know you have a power outage but exactly when the power went off and returned. In an earlier IT sales company i worked at i used to deal with a well-known global TV company selling IP power strips and cabinets for their data centres. All the hardware was dual fed via 2 x 16 amp feeds to give the extra resilience all IT departments aim for but no matter how much resilience you have things can still go wrong. If the power is not balanced so the hardware is pulling more than 16 amps and you lose a feed, disaster!!!. But if the power is balanced and you lose a feed, no disaster as feed 2 can handle the load, but not if you lose feed 1 but don't know it and then you later you lose feed 2 then disaster!!! That is what happened to the TV company and suddenly no pictures on the screen, so heads rolled as it was so avoidable. So even in the most sophisticated of IT set ups getting an early heads up that power is lost can only be a positive and if that TV company had an early warning system in place the disaster could have been avoided. So just one Powertxt unit on your PDU with an IEC adaptor and you will know in seconds you have a power issue.

How many times have you come home to see various digital clocks blinking at you? So you know the power went off, but when? For how long?

Any food in freezers cannot be refrozen after 4 hours lost power but what if you don’t know when the power went off? By using Powertxt you will be notified immediately and can react accordingly. In Europe most house have fuse boxes where a plunger pops out when power trips and if it isn't pushed back into place then the power will stay off so many customers have found us so after a long trip to France or Spain they don't arrive to a defrosted freezer. We recently supplied a Zoo that needed to monitor power and temperature in their animal buildings, so literally a matter of 'life or death' ( see news article on website)