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New universal Din Rail 4G remote power solution

As pioneers of remote GSM power solutions in the UK, EU and the US since 2011 we are delighted to offer our latest product in the Powertxt range, the 4G Din Rail version.

With our Powertxt plug/sockets we have to produce a different version for each country for obvious reasons which presents challenges in manufacturing and holding stock. However, like our earlier product Powertxt Duo the new din rail offers a universal solution that can be used in most countries except USA*making it ideal for companies to standardise especially when making bespoke solutions. *(we can supply USA version if needed as they use different GSM frequencies)

This new product offers an up-to-date GSM 4G text only product (no data connection so totally safe) that can be used inside a comms cabinet with the ability to extend the antenna outside if needed or an alternative antenna. Unlike huge cloud data centres that have the very best protection and security, any remote location is in a totally different position and IP products do not give the levels of protection needed which is why our technology was chosen by ATM companies as it gives them the hard reboot option and power outage alerts but with no worries anything can be hacked, as it can't as no internet connection. It can also be fitted by a non technical person so in the case of the ATM companies, when they refill with cash they can just plug in the Powertxt that was set up prior to taking to site.